Micro Bikinis

Extreme Micro Bikini

If you think the micro bikini was as small as it could get, you were wrong!  The extreme micro bikini really pushes the limits of the law by offering only the most scant amount of coverage possible.  Don’t expect to be able to run around in the sand in one of these – big movements could cause things to shift and lead to accidental exposure.  No, this style is more for lounging and relaxing in the sun, not beach volleyball and surfing. The top of the extreme micro bikini has only tiny patches of fabric, enough to cover the nipples, leaving the rest to tan in the sun.  Since there’s so little fabric, don’t expect much support from this top.  The triangle top is the most common style, though a few others are available.  If you prefer the strapless look there are bandeau styles, or if you don’t want a triangle shape there are teardrop styles as well.  As for the bottoms, get ready for a lot of eyes looking your way because these bottoms show off a lot of skin.  With only a small patch in the front, the rest of the extreme micro bikini bottom is basically made up of strings: straps for the sides and a g-string down the back.  These low-rise bottoms are exceedingly minimal so if you’re feeling sexy and confident and aren’t afraid of getting all kinds of attention, try one on.

Since the extreme micro bikini allows for lots of skin exposure, do take care to make sure your private areas are properly groomed.  Regardless of how you get it done, just make sure that it is – you wouldn’t want any embarrassing slip ups while you’re out at the beach!