Micro Bikinis

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Micro Thong Bikini

The micro thong bikini is simply a much smaller version of the thong bikini.  Now, for anyone who’s uncertain, the thong bikini is a style of bottom that usually has full coverage in the front and narrow sides that connect to a wedge of fabric or thong in the back. Your backside is free to tan in the sun and it generally feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. For anyone who’s looking for a bottom that let’s more sunlight hit your skin, the thong bikini is likely the option for you. The sexy view that’s exposed is certainly not a style for anyone who’s shy – you definitely have to feel comfortable and confident to strut the beach in this bikini.  The micro thong bikini takes the thong bikini style and reduces the amount of fabric available.  Usually, the coverage in the front is lessened with only the bare minimum offered.  In the back the micro thong could either be a small thong or even a g-string as styles vary.  Either way, the micro thong bikini, as it’s aptly named, is all about exposing skin and having minimal fabric.  Again, if you’re not the timid type and like to have a natural and even tan all over, the micro thong bikini could be your perfect solution.

The minimal amount of coverage that’s afforded by this suit requires extra attention be paid to grooming.  The small patches of fabric leave plenty of areas exposed so make sure the bikini area is properly preened before you slip on the suit and head out to the waters.  Additionally, remember to use plenty of sunscreen!  This is especially important for first-time wearers of the micro style as certain areas will be experiencing sun exposure for the first time.  Any burns to sensitive areas would be very unfortunate so don’t forget to reapply!